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Bed Bugs, Bed Bugs, Bed Bugs, They’re Back!

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The news media recently has been reporting that Bed Bugs are back!  Marquee Pest Management, however, has been seeing a steady increase in this pest over the past six to eight years. Marquee has been dealing with them successfully for many years. Our methods to solve this pest problem for our clients have changed as new materials and methods come on the market. We look to institute them in our service programs, but be aware NOT all new methods or materials work as well as initially intended. As pest management professionals we are aware of this and we’re always looking for “better”, not just “newer”, techniques to incorporate into our arsenal to eradicate this pest. We have a proven and accomplished “Bed Bug” eradication program. We would be delighted to help you if you are experiencing this pest in your home or place of business.  If you reside in Alameda, Fremont, Hayward, Milpitas and other surrounding cities of the San Francisco bay area, we at Marquee Pest Management are here to help. Please feel free to call our offices. Whether it’s in commercial, industrial or residential, we can help. “WE KNOW BUGS” and how to deal with them….. EFFECTIVELY! as always…

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