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Cockroaches in Fremont breed quickly and adapt to their environment, making them stubborn pests to exterminate. You should contact an exterminator as soon as you detect cockroaches in your home. Because cockroaches are rarely seen, as they are nocturnal and hide in darkness, seeing even a single cockroach means that there are hundreds more in your home.  Cockroaches in Fremont can survive almost a month with little food, and they can even eat glue, soap, dead insects, and shoe linings.

The 4 types of cockroach that infest homes in the US are the American, the German, the Asian, and the Oriental cockroach.  The German cockroach is the most common pest because it multiplies much faster than other cockroaches.

Cockroaches in Fremont can become a serious problem quickly, so don’t hesitate to call Marquee Pest Management, Inc.

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