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Aphids in fremont Aphids in Fremont are tiny insects, 1/8” or less in size, with long, spindly legs and antennae. They may or may not have wings, and can be colored black, gray, tan, green, yellow, or pink.

They are sucking pests, similar to scales or mites, and live by extracting fluid such as sap from plants and trees. This weakens the plant, making it discolored and stunted, with shriveled leaves. In some cases, aphids transmit viruses that can seriously harm and even kill trees.

Aphids in Fremont reproduce rapidly and feed more than necessary, expelling the extra nutrition as a sticky substance called honeydew.  Aphids quickly create great amounts of this sticky gunk all over your yard; coating your trees, your car, and your sidewalk.

Call Marquee Pest Management so that we can exterminate the infestation today and even take care of the entire difficult cleanup process, so that garden can once again be strong and healthy.

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