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Yellow Jackets (Wasps) Love Late Summer BBQs and Picnics

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As the summer season moves toward autumn in Alameda, Fremont, and surrounding cities the Yellow Jacket population becomes abundant. And having an outdoor picnic or a BBQ can become bothersome or even painful when these little yellow guys (actually females) show up at your party. If you have not done anything prior to your event to control these gals, i.e., call a pest control service to eradicate any nest or trap them, you can give them (about 20 feet away from the main action) their own plate of food with BBQ meat or even some sugary soda. Please be aware Yellow Jackets can have thousands of inhabitants and one queen in their nest and can be very dangerous if you disturb their hive (home). If you find that this pest is uncontrollable we can help just give us a call, “WE KNOW BUGS” and how to deal with them….. EFFECTIVELY!

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