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Keep Them Away

The four key factors to controlling pests

1. Don’t let them in…

Exclusion, seal exterior voids, don’t bring in items with them in it i.e. used items, if doing so always inspect the item for pests before item enters your structure.

2. Don’t give them a place to live…

Always rotate stock and stored items, keep build up to a minimum and clean, seal sheds, keep wood storage off ground

3. Don’t give them a food source…

Clean up spillage of food items, don’t leave dog or cat food out if pet is not being feed, (FYI flies and rats will be attracted dog feces, keep it pick up) birdseed is also an attractant.

4. Don’t give a water source…

This is hard to control over all, but know this if you can control any one of the other three “Don’ts” you will have a good handle on controlling pests.

Good luck and call us if you need help. Thank you..

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